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Want to launch a brand with an edge? Or have an unfair brand advantage right from the beginning?  Get in touch with  us to set the  DNA  right  for  your  brand To help early-stage startups.


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Think your logo doesn’t reflect your company’s mindset anymore? Or it makes your brand looks too old? May be you feel your brand into paradigm.


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Don’t have a Structured Marketing Brief? An interaction with us should sort it out! We are used to working with startups not having marketing department, or a dedicated in-house.


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Think your logo doesn’t reflect your company’s mindset anymore? Or it makes your brand looks too old? May be you feel your brand has evolved


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We, at Astraa Media and Communications, have worked very closely with Sai for over 5 years. His insights into brand positioning and marketing ideas are remarkable and amazing. Many of our clients have immensely benefited by his experience in the advertising industry and appreciated his focused approach. A simple unassuming professional, Sai can inspire every aspiring entrepreneurs. So, when you wish to define your business, you have got the right person, Sai to script your success.

– V. Radhakrishnan.
Partner, Astraa Media

Sai, is a bold creative professional and likes to go beyond the brief. He dares to push all boundaries, so as to come-up with stuff that not just meets the client brief but goes beyond it, adding value to the brand. Sai likes to keep it simple yet innovative..

– Nitin Navalkar
Ex-Colleague and Veteran Marketing Professional

Always respect the person who asks the right questions at the right time for the right reasons. Saisuresh Murthy is one such person. He will find a way to reach to the core problem and while doing so, he will (in my experience), empower you to tackle it better so that you can deal with it, even when he is not around. In this age, this is a quality beyond leadership, as he mentors people to their perfect ability.

– Ninad Tatke
Ex-Colleague and Digital Marketing Professional

Sai is a well-rounded and highly skilled Creative Professional with a great business-partnering attitude. He displays rational and objective thinking with balanced decision-making

– Bhushan Sagaonkar
Ex-Banker and Business Consultant

He is able to get it spot on each time. He knows the why, when and how of marketing and advertising. I highly recommend him to any brand which is either in its nascent stage or even established brands to get a compete makeover.

– Gaurav Kundnani

I have worked with Sai for a year.And in tthat time, I gained a lot of knowledge, and domain expertise from him. Saisuresh Murthy has been a sheer professional. His ability to accurately interpret what the client wants, have an eagle eye view over the market scenario and understand market dynamics is par excellence.